Bringing out the best in your children at a young age.

Sunrise Toddler Program

A Brighter Day Quality Learning Center is where your toddler’s development starts. Our Sunrise Toddler Program stimulates your child’s early mental and physical development. Our highly trained teachers are focused on your growing toddler while allowing them to express their unique creative abilities.

At A Brighter Day Quality Learning Center, we utilize the Bright Baby curriculum from Higher Reach Learning to assist your toddler with social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We believe that this curriculum will help your child with critical brain development through the core principles of attention, relationship building, and positive communication.

Our toddlers are engaged in curriculum-based activities throughout the day while their parents are informed of their daily learning.

Connecting Home With the Center

We provide the parent with daily reports to increase opportunities for interaction with their child and reinforce learning from the child’s daily school involvement. We also support constant parent-teacher interaction and communication to ensure a working partnership in the child’s development.

Know More About Our Programs

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